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C l i e n t s

Because of the confidential nature of so much of my work, ethically and morally I cannot publicize specific clients. Instead, I can share that I have worked for more than three decades with hundreds of corporations, companies, agencies, institutions, organizations and individuals. I have marketed, trained, facilitated, mediated and consulted in quality improvement, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, assessment, and organizational development and processes. Some major client areas are:
  • Governmental Agencies
    • federal
    • state
    • regional
    • city
    • county
    • special districts
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Employee/Trade Associations
  • Labor Unions
  • Non-profit Agencies
  • Organizations
  • Community Groups
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturers; Mills
  • Educational Institutions
    • K-12
    • Community Colleges
    • Colleges
    • Universities
  • Hospitals & Health Care
  • Small Businesses
  • Insurance Companies
  • Judicial Courts
  • Attorneys-at-Law
  • Printing & Publication
  • Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
In particular, for the State of Washington, I am a competitively selected contractor for:
  • Training
    • Crucial Conversations®
    • Crucial Accountability®
    • Influencer®
    • Leadership Responsibilities with Workplace Discrimination & Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment: Awareness & Prevention
    • Workplace Diversity
    • Understanding Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Violence
    • Resolving Workplace Conflict
    • Interpersonal Conflict Management
    • Violence in the Workplace
    • Ethics in Public Service
    • Facilitator Skills: Basic & Advanced
  • Consulting
    • Leadership / Coaching
    • Managing & Supervising
    • Change Management
    • Performance Measurement
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Team Building
    • Strategic Planning
    • Communication & Dialogue
    • Facilitation
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Change Management
    • Retreats
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T e s t i m o n i a l s

Presenter was one of the best and most dynamic that I have had in my 10 years at _____ .

Overall, this has been one of the best professional development courses I have attended. I came away with a much better ability to deal with crucial conversations. This training enabled me to recognize issues and methods for dealing with them in ways that I now understand.

Very effective. The best management training seminar I have ever participated in.

Betsy's work gets better every day. I shouldn't have started the first day's rating at the top: now, I have nowhere to go!

Betsy really listens and responds to questions.

I appreciate Betsy's willingnesss to adapt focus and content to class needs.

Overall, for a required training, it was much more enjoyable and stimulating than anticipated.

The facilitation was excellent. Betsy is very good at facilitating productive and clear discussion.

Great course! Betsy is very passionate about her work.

Betsy is very knowledgeable, even when faced with tough questions.

Betsy was great about understanding our advanced level of training in order to discuss topics that we deal with more intimately.

Betsy's awesome: true passion for subject and great exercises for practicing.

I felt that the discussion of communication, cultural identity and relationships in the Office was very worthwhile. Much, much more effective that the normal "sexual harassment is bad."

I am glad that this session covered communication so thoroughly. Also, how to respond and communicate issues with co-workers and supervisors.

Great class. Wish I would have had this as a teenager in order to better face several harassments in my 20's.

I appreciate Betsy's willingnesss to adapt focus and content to class needs.

Betsy is very good at listening, evaluating, presenting material in a clear manner, using printed material, flipcharts, slides and whiteboard. An excellent presenter!

Great class: informative of process and handling of issues in workplace environment.

Instructor was great presence in room and kept class attendees' attention.

I am so glad the course never went into the long string of proposed hypothetical situations, trying to define the boundary between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, e.g. "Suppose we are on a space ship to Mars and thought the crew was in suspended animation .. .

I liked the emphasis on what we can do in harassment situations, what skills we need and practicing those skills.

Great instructor; loved the non-linear style: covered the material in a new, fun way.

Very good to ask for questions/topics at the beginning and then to follow-up with content, skills and examples.

Very helpful to hear about actual examples, court cases, and what should have been done.

Thought the examples of situations and associated discussions with the group were very helpful, tied the written materials to the real world, and made the material more interesting.

Fantastic facilitation! Interesting and thought provoking.

Thanks for the information you provided today, and for being able to adapt to the needs of this specific group, who all work together. You did a great job!

Betsy has an excellent grasp of the topic and is expressive!

Instructor led class in positive direction and let the discussion mature--great way to teach this mandatory training.

Thank you. This has been a very informative and helpful class. Excellent, knowledgeable and sensitive instructor. Well done.

There are a lot of "fine lines" in this area of discussion, but I think everyone would benefit from this class. It makes us all more aware of our behavior--hopefully.

I thought Betsy did an excellent and professional job on this subject.

Thank you for flexing the agenda to meet the needs and interests of the class.

Great instructor. I loved her conversational approach. Allowed great discussion and followed concerns of class.

Best workplace culture class I'd taken. Betsy provided an atmosphere that was open, and thus responsive. I think most all went away with a greater respect for others (ethnicity, gender, etc.).

I was glad to see the emphasis on effective communication and building relationships.

Very good training; well-organized and good preparation (very good handouts and PowerPoint)

I enjoyed this course and learned that I need to become more aware of others' needs (e.g., difficulty with language). I also need to be more careful of what I do, say or act like, because others may not see things as I do.

Betsy was great at explaining all aspects of the course; used examples and people to instruct course; used real examples of her experiences; had class participants use their stories; and explained how and what to do to deal with issues. Great job.

Happy I was given the opportunity to be here.

This class is not only useful at the workplace, but in everyday life as well!

Really enjoyed Betsy and her class. Had a lot of good info. Thought it'd be boring like these classes seem to be, but it was very interesting. A class that you'll "take way" from the classroom is a great class.

Outstanding presentation. All questions answered with thought. A must course. Thank you Betsy.

Betsy is a great instructor--very motivating and hands-on. I like how she makes eye contact with everyone, and I like how she gives everyone the opportunity to speak, even though some students went way overboard. She is very resourceful and friendly. What a great mediator! I would love to attend more of her classes.

Betsy did an outstanding job. I can't believe this day flew by so fast.

Excellent: safe environment and easy discussion. Thanks.

Active discussion made it easier to assimilate the information.

Truly enjoyed the interactive classroom approach - great class!

Good facilitator. Used examples to move the discussion along. Dealt well with some difficult audience members.

Betsy is extremely a pleasure to listen to. The material is very important. Mediation skills were put to the test as the "us against them" syndrome raised its head. Thank you for the resources and exercises.

Enjoyed the discussion and troubleshooting ideas to resolve conflict.

We, the workforce, have come a long way in the past 10 years, in part due to this type of education. Thank you!

Betsy is an engaging, entertaining, focused presenter. She provided tons of current, critical information in the limited class time!

Betsy is a great instructor: very hands on, and answered all questions that were asked--even the difficult ones. Lots of discussion.

Five Stars for Betsy's responsiveness to participant needs and questions.

Betsy did a great job dealing with the challenging group. Betsy is very aware of participant environment and handles situations well.

Thank you for letting me understand. I know most of it is common sense, but it was a great class.

Loved the instructor. She kept us on track and made us feel relaxed and engaged at the same time.

Great instructor: knows the topic matter and is open to discussion. I am impressed with her background.

I enjoyed your enthusiasm and appreciate your courage.

Don't change a thing [in the course].

Class was stimulating and eye-opening.

Very well done. Good course. Very appropriate to the mix of individuals.

You were very patient. Thank you.

Hoping to take the information and use to help my work environment a better place to be. Take more responsibility for my surroundings! Thank you.

Atmosphere was comfortable, engaging, supportive. Thank you.

A pleasure to be in Betsy's class.

Outstanding course, outstandingly given.

Betsy did an excellent job: she gave us some very useful tips/tools, and she used good examples/scenarios that got the point across.

Betsy BeMiller did a great job. This was the best class I've attended so far. It was a great time to take it, since the Virginia Tech situation just occurred, and there is so much awareness at this time. This has really made us think about our roles.

Betsy was very good. I enjoyed her a lot. She's a keeper.

Excellent! Enough said.

Very interesting class. Good food for thought in working with the Public.

Enjoyed the class. I think it will come in very useful in the everyday dealing with people.

I really enjoyed Betsy's style.

Outstanding course and instructor! Thank you for all your hard work. Gr-r-r-r-reat job. Well done.

Excellent class and instruction. I enjoyed having participants in the class from various parts of the Agency as well as different staff levels. Instructor's thorough knowledge of our organization was beneficial in facilitating the class and relating information and instructional content in an understandable and applicable format.

A tough subject that was delivered and engaged well! Thanks.

Betsy, your class is very informative--a lot of things to think about. Thank you.

Listening to you, I can see you are already striving to constantly improve this course. I'm sure you'll find any improvement on your own. I think it's just fine like it is.

This was an excellent training: your pro-active approach gave us the awareness, tools and interaction skills to resolve issues. Thank you.

Betsy stayed on track all day - awesome. Drew answers from questions. Kept participants involved and challenged without embarrassing attendees.

This course was a great experience for me, and I think everyone should take it.

The instructor is great. She is very good at her job. I can tell she enjoys it and loves every minute of it.

Good learning environment.

Good coverage of multiple topics. Great learning experience.

Class made me think.

Great class and even better instructor. Best class I've ever attended.

Very informative training on information not readily available from other sources.

Friendly. Very easy to talk with instructor.

Class was wonderful. Having this training will be beneficial in dealing with current or upcoming issues.

Excellent speaker. Very articulate.

I found the course to be very interesting and valuable.

Betsy is awesome, patient and understanding.

Great job presenting and engaging in conversation/discussion!

Betsy is very personable and fostered good dialogue on the topic.

Betsy very effectively facilitated a comfortable learning environment. Everyone in the group participated, and the whole process was constructive.

Thank you so much for your care, concern, patience and dedication. You made it wholly safe to use real experiences as our examples.

Betsy did a great job of emulating how a mediator/facilitator/professional should act.

This class was a real and valuable eye-opener for me. Way beyond my expectations!

Betsy is a fabulous, very dynamic trainer! She is very receptive and open to all of our comments.

I really appreciate Betsy's teaching style. She is very easy to follow and articulates her points well. I sense she is genuine.

Betsy is an excellent trainer. She makes material come alive!

Betsy was superb. When she related "negotiations" to "sales," lights came on!

Excellent, challenging, introspective. This has to be the best training I have ever attended. Thank you! Wonderful experience.

You have wonderful energy--loved your creative activities.

Great process, content and variety--surpassed my expectations.

Appreciated your energy, good listening skills and responsiveness to us--while still effectively achieving the agenda.

The wokshop's balance among presentation, interacting, working and learning was excellent.

My expectations were actually exceeded!

Very substantive, which I was ready for. There was good interaction with the groups, and you do a wonderful job of linking observations and connecting content to commentary.

You were great! Marvelous job!

Very energizing. Good balance.

Your work was very effective. I have lots of thoughts to process and apply. Very good. Thank you!

Thank you for your enlightening work.

Betsy did a great job presenting the materials and involving us in it.

These concepts and skills were a great help!

Very, very good. Betsy BeMiller, thank you!

Great presentation. Wonderful interacting. Great class.



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