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Phased Workplace Group Conflict Intervention: Case Study, Land Mines & Clean-Up


for Creative Conflict Management, 13th Annual Northwest Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference, 2005, Seattle, WA

Original Format:

Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation for conference session, and Microsoft® Word® conference proceedings and resource materials


Facilitating a Workplace Group through Conflict

3-phased Group Conflict Intervention

Phase I of Group Conflict Intervention: Excavating Mines

Phase II of Group Conflict Intervention: Defusing Mines
Facilitating Issues and Building Individual & Group Skills

Phase III of Group Conflict Intervention: Preventing Future Laying Down of Mines
Institutionalizing Group Processes for Communicating and Resolving Differences

Resouce Material:

Six Levels of Depth for Group Intervention (pdf document)


Sequentially Sort Issues Down Through the Levels (pdf document)

Work for Practitioner/Consultant (pdf document)

Organizational Resources & Other Actions (pdf document)

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Mediation & Arbitration in the Workplace


Co-presentation for "New Vistas in Dispute Resolution", Section of Dispute Resolution, The American Bar Association, Fourth Annual Spring Conference, 2002, Seattle, WA

Original Format:

Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation for conference session


Session Agenda

Questions to Ponder

Legal basis for employment mandatory mediation/arbitration

Signficant court cases i

Signficant court cases ii

Example of language in a mandatory mediation/arbitration agreement

Iceberg of organizational Costs of Conflict

Conflict Resolution Iceberg in Organizations

Integrated Conflict Management Systems - a definition

Dispute Resolution Systems - a schematic

Shell Oil Company's resolve program - a schematic

Private Sector companies with Best Conflict Management Systems

Characteristics of Integrated Conflict Management Systems

Design & Ethics of organizational Conflict Management Systems

adr Processes - a schematic

adr Venues in organizations

eeoc's process for an employment charge

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Training & Facilitation Outlines & Documents


(Similar to agendas and outlines used in trainings and facilitations)

Original Format:

Microsoft® Word documents

Outlines & Documents:

Instructional Methodology

Example of Multiple-day Training Agendas (Interpersonal & Conflict Resolution Skills)

Example of Half-day Training Agendas (Awareness & Prevention: non-Discrimination & non-Harassment in the Workplace (Overview and Annotated Agenda)

An Example Facilitation (Strategic Visioning)

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(Examples of materials developed and utilized in Workplace Resolutions work)

Original Format:

Microsoft® Word and Publisher documents


Difficult Conversation Examples - Examples of Transforming Difficult Conversations

Iceberg of Communication & Perception - a complex graphic that may take some moments to download

The Diversity Shuffle: Exploring our Differences--and Similarities

Iceberg of Organizational Costs from Inappropriate Behavior - a complex graphic that may take some moments to download

Prevention - Intervention - Escalation Sequence

Characteristics of a Collaborative Organizational Culture

Focusing Feedback

Internal Complaint Resolution Procedure Flowchart

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Participant Expression Compilations


Participants in my trainings and workshops developed these expressions while working in Small Groups

Original Format:

Microsoft® Word documents


Facilitator Qualities in Group Conflict Intervention

inappropriate Workplace Behaviors

Costs of inappropriate Workplace Behaviors

Concerns, Issues, Questions and/or Topical Expectations

What Participants Say They Need

Participants Comments & Testimonials

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