I assist individuals, groups and organizations to realize their common mission through strengthening professional relationships and bringing about long-term, integrative and substantive interpersonal and cultural improvement in their workplaces.
I am known for bringing individuals/groups/organizations through crises and top-performing individuals/groups/organizations to higher levels of effectiveness. Drawing on three decades of expertise and experience, I assist organizations in leadership/manager/supervisor/lead development, training employees in communication and dispute/conflict resolution skills, leading visioning and strategic planning, facilitating work groups to resolve dispute/conflict, mediating sensitive workplace issues, designing systems to handle disputes/conflicts and solving personnel challenges and change through collaboration.
My style is highly facilitative--drawing out the best in individuals and groups and creating interactive, dynamic, positively charged growth. I provide a high degree of sensitivity, ethics, optimism, patience, neutrality and communication skills throughout my work.
Resolver I resolve workplace and employment issues, differences, complaints, conflicts and I reduce personnel complaints.
Mediator I resolve issues, conflicts, disputes, etc. through mediation, negotiation, collaborative bargaining and personally developed methods that synthesize my extensive background and experience.
Consultant I consult on workplace issues, collaboration, supervision, management and management style, leadership and leadership styles--and, especially, on collaborative workplace cultures.
Facilitator I facilitate and lead groups, teams, co-workers, etc. with a balanced focus on process and content and adeptly and effectively intervene on all levels from organizational to interpersonal: co-workers, peers, supervisor-staff, leader-Direct Reports.
Trainer I train in communication, collaboration, teamwork, supervision, management, leadership, discrimination, harassment, equal employment opportunity, resolution of conflict, bullying, violence, perception of differences, appreciation of diversity, basic and advanced mediation skills, and ethics in public service.
Speaker I present at conventions, conferences, institutes and meetings and deliver keynote and motivational speeches.
Leadership In addition to my own business' work in leadership development, supervision and managerial skills, I have been a resource trainer for The Ken Blanchard Companies--premier, international leader in leadership training and development.

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