Key objectives in the trainings and courses I deliver are to effect long-term learning and behavioral change, and to provide a positive learning experience for all participants. My style promotes an interactive, dynamic, positively charged learning environment. I build skills through the delivery of curriculum, learning scenarios, case studies, explorations of individual and group interests, self-reflections and -assessments, demonstrations and coachings. Furthermore, I utilize a variety of active learning technologies, effectively using individual work, small-group developments, whole-group discussions, and inviting development and presentations of mini-reports out of the small-group work.

Eliminating Discrimination

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Crucial Conversations©*

Fierce Conversations©**

Difficult Conversations©***

Conflict Behavior Coaching

Customer Service Enhancement

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution for Supervisors

Mediation for workplace application

Basic & Advanced Mediation

Trainer training in mediation

Mediation skills for civil cases


Ending Harassment

Disability, Reasonable Accommodation & ADA

Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Awareness

Crucial Accountability©*


Violence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence

Motivational Interviewing

Giving Feedback, Receiving Feedback

Performance Coaching*

Ethics & Integrity

Leadership; Coaching for Leadership*

Future Focus & Visioning

Supervisory & Managerial Skills*

Nurturing staff responsibility

Increasing employee commitment*

  *I have been an Associate for VitalSmartstm's Crucial Conversations©, Crucial Accountability© and Influencer©, and The Ken Blanchard Companies' Situational Leadership®ii, Situational Self Leadership®, Gung Ho!® (Employee Commitment), Raving Fans® (Customer / Client Satisfaction), discovering Self and Others® (Understanding Work Styles), and High Performing Teams.
  **Applying Susan Scott's (2004) Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time, Berkley Books: New York
  ***Applying The Harvard Negotiation Project's Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton & Sheila Heen (1999) Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matter Most, Penguin Books: New York

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(on Materials webpage; click on "Training. . .Documents" there)

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Some Course Titles

Risk Management Trainings


Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention

Sexual Harassment Awareness, Diversity, & Ethics

Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention for Supervisors & Managers

Understanding Discrimination, Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace

Leadership Development Trainings


Crucial Accountability®


Situational Leadership®II

Situational Self Leadership®

Management Essentials

Manager Skills Enhancement

Supervision Essentials

Supervisor Skills Enhancement

High Performing Teams

DISCovering Self and Others® (Understanding Work Styles)

Gung Ho!® (Employee Commitment)

Raving Fans® (Customer/Client Satisfaction)

Facilitation Trainings


Facilitation Skills (Beginning & Intermediate)

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Interpersonal Communication Trainings


Assertive Communication

Crucial Conversations®

Fierce Conversations© ** (above)

Difficult Conversations© *** (above)

Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal Communication Skills (single- & multiple-days)

Conflict Management Trainings


Interpersonal & Conflict Resolution Skills (multiple-days)

Interpersonal Conflict Management

Resolving Interpersonal and Organizational Conflict

Mediation for Workplace Application

Basic Mediation Skills

Advanced Mediation Skills (multiple subtopics)

Negotiation Skills & Strategies

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Top 10's Participant Testimonials


Work Generally

Some Content Specifics

Facilitates Growth & Learning


Tailors Customizes Work to Group

Betsy's Style & Expertise

Developmental Impact


Top 10 Work Generally


I would rate this course as the "best" of all the courses that I have attended throughout my career in other businesses.

This course was great . . . The instructor demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the subject, patience with all the questions and comments from the class, and compassion in her stories and her tone. I learned new information that should help me in the future. Thank you!

outstanding course, outstandingly given

Betsy did an excellent job: she gave us some very useful tips & tools, and she used good examples & scenarios that got the point across.

A tough subject that was delivered and engaged well! Thanks.

great class and even better instructor; best class I've ever attended.

This course contained the information, but it had the added element of APPLYING the information to REAL WORLD examples. It has built upon previous training I have had.

The material was covered very well and to a degree that made sense. The examples presented in the course made the material come to life and become very effective.

great materials to take back to the workplace; thank you!

The instructor was able to provide a great deal of information and guidance to a complex subject

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Top 10 Some Content Specifics


Overall, this has been one of the best professional development courses I have attended. I came away with much better ability to deal with crucial conversations. This training enabled me to recognize issues and methods for dealing with them in ways that I now understand.

best workplace culture class I'd taken. Betsy provided an atmosphere that was open, and thus responsive. I think most all went away with a greater respect for others (ethnicity, gender, etc.).

I really appreciate the acknowledgement of variance across workplace cultures and that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach--but at the same time, providing clear benchmarks and definitions.

good information-providing training regarding responsibilities and expectations in appropriate and inappropriate behavior

a refreshing course that re-evaluates possible or past situations. The instruction was performed to keep the attention of students with actual circumstances and personal situations.

appreciate hearing about actual cases, other examples, and seeing definitions--helps us to understand what is acceptable, and what has been a concern, especially new situations (e.g., religion, quid pro quo). Most helpful were discussions and guidance in handout of how to communicate when a problem [arises[ and follow-up

Thank you for the awareness, and allowing me to think about my own behavior.

This is one of the best classes of any subjects we've had. The issue of effective communication was dealt with thoroughly and excellently.

This is an excellent training in workplace harassment prevention I ever had in 20 years of working. I feel like I want to videotape the entire show to use it when I need the information.

I really appreciated the Assertive Communication and [Confronting[ Performance Models, because I feel that each person should try to take responsibility for workplace (or other place) harassment. I honestly thought I wouldn't learn anything and that the class was just going to be a technicality to just say, "Don't do it." I was happily surprised. Thank you.

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Top 10 Facilitates Growth & Learning


Instructor led class in positive direction and let the discussion mature--great way to teach this mandatory training.

Betsy stayed on track all day - AWESOME; drew answers from questions; kept participants involved and challenged without embarrassing attendees

very substantive, which I was ready for. There was good interaction with the groups, and you do a wonderful job of linking observations and connecting content to commentary.

great facilitator: let the class participate and kept training moving; great pace and well versed on subject matter; very good; I really enjoyed class

Betsy deftly answered questions&comments from class participants. She has a thoughtful way to diffuse a charged comment and offer a different perspective

Betsy BeMiller maintained an environment [where[ we all could express our thoughts and concerns--and how we could objectively look at the whole picture from ourselves, coworkers and customers [perspectives[. Her [capacity[ to listen to the class was one key good point.

Betsy is an outstanding instructor. She is articulate and knows the material well. She engages the entire class in group discussion.

good packet; nice organization; great class--thanks for your attention to the learning experience.

great communication skills; effective group and discussion work; kept group on task and with timeline, but allowing open discussion

Ms BeMiller creates a comfortable environment to discuss topics&issues candidly. She also brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.

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Top 10 Tailors Customizes Work to Group


works to keep things relevant; pays attention to make-up of class participants: attitudes, background, energy level

Betsy did a great job dealing with the challenging group. Betsy is very aware of participant environment and handles situations well.

excellent class and instruction. I enjoyed having participants in the class from various parts of the Agency as well as different staff levels. Instructor's thorough knowledge of our organization was beneficial in facilitating the class and relating information and instructional content in an understandable and applicable format.

very knowledgeable and wiling to go where we needed issues addressed

Betsy was engaging and eager to answer our questions and address our concerns. She was willing to consider alternative viewpoints and discuss other issues.

very adaptable: able to move back and forth through materials in response to questions. This facilitated further discussion, which I thought was much more helpful than sticking to a lesson plan.

very interactive. I like how you responded to questions, and covered the materials via your answers

pace was very quick, but good. Material was fresh. Instructor understood we were all versed and had decades of experience--made the class better. Good job!

great instructor: she was able to handle many controversial topics very professionally

Betsy BeMiller is a very good instructor and is able to present current and real issues pertinent to our workgroup.

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Top 10 Betsy's Style & Expertise


Betsy is very good at listening, evaluating, presenting material in a clear manner, using printed material, flipcharts, slides and whiteboard. An excellent presenter!

Betsy is an engaging, entertaining, focused presenter. She provided tons of current, critical information in the limited class time!

Betsy is a fabulous, very dynamic trainer! She is very receptive and open to all of our comments.

knowledgeable, personable, experienced, interactive, considerate and respectful of the attendees

amazing instructor: fun, respectful, knows her materials very well; one of the most enjoyable classes I attended. Thank you

outstanding presentation of a difficult subject that has many, many variables; highly impressive

Betsy was a great, top-notch instructor. One of the few classes I really enjoyed, stayed engaged in every moment, and wanted more of it!

excellent trainer--clear, empathetic; great command of the subject

very interactive; good examples; great trainer: directed without being confrontational, experienced

Instructor is a wealth of information, very interesting case studies discussed in training; points of view shared; questions asked--and answered

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Top 10 Developmental Impact


Thank you for letting me understand. I know most of it is common sense, but it was a great class.

Hoping to take the information and use to help my work environment a better place to be. Take more responsibility for my surroundings! Thank you.

This was an excellent training: your pro-active approach gave us the awareness, tools and interaction skills to resolve issues. Thank you.

excellent, challenging, introspective. This has to be the best training I have ever attended. Thank you! Wonderful experience.

great course! exceeded my expectations; not boring--very engaging; I liked the way Betsy looked at the "big picture" and then applying skills to individual situations.

definitely raises one's awareness and give you tools to be more sensitive and in tune with behaviors and models for improvement

excellent course! Did not expect to learn so much--very valuable and appropriate for implementing into my daily work life. Thanks.

This is the second time I have taken this class, because it has been 3 years or so. The first time I took it, I was thinking about other people needing this class. Today, I'm doing a different perspective by doing this class for me. I was able to focus, listen well, and gain much more information because of this reason.

The class made me back up and think about how to deal with issues that may arise in the future, and some pro-active measures I can take as a supervisor.

lots and lots and LOTS of valuable information; this was and is a great refresher course

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